The Voice judges missed the mark with singer Caroline Burns

Oct 6, 2015 at 12:20 a.m. ET
Image: NBC

Many of the best singers on The Voice never make it to the finals and some don't even make it past the audition round. This was especially evident during tonight's episode, when the super-talented Caroline Burns was passed up by Pharrell. Annoyed fans of the show suspect that the coach will eventually come to regret this decision.

The coaches on The Voice are often surprised by how small some of the show's stronger female contestants really are. This was certainly the case during Burns' audition. The 15-year-old singer immediately impressed the audience and coaches alike with her gorgeous voice, which didn't sound like something that would come out of a gal with such a diminutive frame. Sadly, none of the coaches were able to enjoy this element of surprise while Burns was still performing, as they didn't bother to turn their chairs around for the young musician.

Caroline Burns
Image: NBC

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To be fair, three of the four coaches were simply not eligible to turn their chairs, as they had already chosen as many singers as they were allowed. They were clearly not happy about not having the ability to hit the big red button and welcome Burns to their already-established teams. Gwen Stefani seemed especially disappointed about this loss; she admitted that she was planning on going home and crying about her failure to get Burns on her team.

Caroline Burns on The Voice
Image: NBC

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Only one judge actually had a spot open, but he seemed to think that Burns was a poor fit. Evidently, Pharrell already had a singer a lot like her on his team. Disappointed Twitter users claimed that this was a poor excuse, with a few adding that the coach would later regret letting a gem such as Burns get away so easily.


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It cannot have been easy for Burns to face rejection on The Voice, but at least she's essentially guaranteed a spot on the show if she returns in the future. It's hard to imagine the pint-sized singer being an even better performer than she already is, but if her sense of passion is any indication, next year's audition is bound to blow all four judges away. She'll probably give it another try next year, for, despite her failure to become the newest member of Team Pharrell, she claimed that she'd just enjoyed the best day of her life. The only way to top such a great day is to audition again — and to move on to the next round.

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