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Ronda Rousey just accomplished something only men have ever done

Ronda Rousey is making history for something completely new.

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The UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion is the first woman ever to be featured on the cover of Australia’s Men’s Fitness magazine. The issue featuring Rousey, titled the “Hardcore Fight Special” edition, hits stands Thursday, and Rousey is looking just as good as — if not better than — any man the mag could have found for the shoot.

While it’s the first time a woman has covered the Australian version of Men’s Fitness, three women have covered the publication’s American mag: Carmen Electra, Stacy Keibler and Maria Menounos.

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But while Rousey is clearly excited about being the first in Australia to accomplish this feat — she even shared a pic of the cover on her Instagram — a Facebook comment thread about the cover brought on the misogyny.

“What part of the word ‘Men’s’ Fitness is now women’s fitness? Ok , I am a fan of Ronda Rousy and admire and respect her very much (sic),” one Facebook user commented. “I’ve been reading Men’s Fitness for years but this is a mens magazine, no other great woman champion be it a tennis player, swimmer have made the cover of a Men’s Fitness magazine or male make the cover of a Women’s Fitness, we have had enough rights and say stripped away, bias against fellas in laws and politically correctness where equality in many avenues have become inequalities (sic).”

Luckily, not all commenters thought Rousey’s accomplishment could be chalked up to political correctness.

“What an amazing role model & athlete! Here’s to all the young girls looking up to this one and smashing through the male-esq (sic) boundaries. First woman ever to grace the cover! Nice!” another commenter wrote.

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What do you think? Do you love Ronda Rousey’s Men’s Fitness cover? Or should this men’s magazine stick with men for its photo shoots? Sound off down in the comments!

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