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RHOC‘s Tamra Judge criticized for worrying too much about her looks

The story line surrounding Tamra Judge’s baptism has largely taken a backseat to the Brooks Ayers cancer drama, but it is interesting nonetheless. Judge’s version of being baptized is definitely unusual, as she seems to think that perfect makeup is an absolute essential.

The ladies of RHOC are deathly terrified of showing anything close to a natural look on television, and with good reason — minimal makeup would earn them even more criticism on social media than their caked-on cosmetics. Still, the gals sometimes take their love of primping a bit too far. This was certainly the case during tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Viewers expressed surprise and disgust when they realized that Judge’s preparations for her baptism resembled those of a teenager getting ready for prom.

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Not one to look anything less than fabulous at her big event, Judge made a point of carefully choosing her baptism wardrobe, hairstyle and makeup. The reality star’s baptism fashion efforts were highlighted in a scene that was actually supposed to be about her ongoing argument with Vicki Gunvalson about Brooks Ayers’ cancer (or lack thereof). Nobody really cares about the cancer at this point, so fans of the show focused on Judge’s clothing options instead.

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Judge’s preparations for the baptism seemed even more ridiculous when RHOC fans realized that she would be dunking her head underwater in a chlorine-filled pool. It’s not uncommon for adult baptisms to involve full immersion, but somehow, this just didn’t seem like a natural choice for a woman so intent on wearing a face full of makeup. Why go through so much effort only to have it all ruined in one fell swoop? Hopefully, Judge chose a really good waterproof mascara for the occasion.

Tamra Judge baptism
Image: Bravo

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As always, social media users were quick to make fun of Tamra while live tweeting tonight’s episode of RHOC. Several claimed that the reality star’s determination to look hot at her baptism made it clear that her focus was not on religion.

Viewers are eager to see how Judge looked immediately following her baptism, but unfortunately, they will have to wait a bit longer; tonight’s episode featured the reality star’s baptism preparations, but not the ceremony itself. Judge’s smeared makeup is worth checking out, but it will not be nearly as big of a mess as Beador and Gunvalson’s rapidly deteriorating friendship, which is set to take center stage next week.

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