Ladies of London‘s Juliet use of nipple clamps made haters rejoice

At Sophie Stanbury’s birthday sex toy party, Ladies of London fans are delighted when, after continuing to square off with Julie and Caroline, Juliet ends up with nipple clamps on her lips.

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Caroline Fleming and Sophie Stanbury

As one does, Sophie Stanbury celebrated her birthday with a gathering featuring sex toys, where the fight between Julie, Caroline and Juliet continued, in spite of Juliet admitting that she no longer knew what they were actually fighting about. (Here’s a very brief summary: Everyone was drunk on New Year’s, Julie cried because Caroline may or may not have insulted her yoga teaching abilities, Caroline apologized, but wasn’t really sorry, and may or may not have humped Gregor, while wearing a unicorn onesie.) Not surprisingly, viewers were growing weary of the conflict and of Juliet’s role in it.

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Among the toys at the party was a pair of nipple clamps, which ended up on Juliet’s lips. Cue delight from Twitter, who finally got the break they’d been wanting.

Marissa’s Instagram feed includes many pictures of her family, food and her restaurant, but sadly none of Juliet in the aforementioned nipple clamps. In spite of the hilarious respite from Juliet, though, it doesn’t seem like the squabble between Caroline, Julie and Juliet is going to be over anytime soon, even though it’s unclear to some why it’s happening. Let’s hope that no matter what happens next week between these three, there’s still a chance to laugh.

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Were you thrilled that Juliet stopped talking? Do you think Julie and Juliet are afraid of Caroline? Who should apologize?

Caroline, Marissa, Juliet
Image: Christopher Polk/NBCUniversal