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Tom Cruise’s daughter’s wedding could mean she’s leaving Scientology

Isabella Cruise recently walked down the aisle — and some interesting details point to the fact that she might not be nearly as devout a Scientologist as she used to be.

Bella, as she is known to friends and family, reportedly wed non-Scientologist IT consultant Max Parker in a top-secret London ceremony on Sept. 18, but neither her famous father nor her brother, Connor Cruise, were in attendance, according to reports.

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Bella, a graduate of the Vidal Sassoon Academy beauty school, and Connor chose to remain with Tom after his acrimonious split from Nicole, and the kids were raised as Scientologists — all but cutting Kidman out of their lives.

Could Bella’s choice of husband and the lack of her Scientology-adherent father and brother at the nuptials mean Bella is beginning to separate herself from the organization many call a cult? Possibly — hopefully! — but Australian Woman’s Day reporter Chris White revealed that the ceremony was a mix of Scientology and Christianity, and that there were Scientologists among the bridesmaids and ushers.

“As for the rumors we’re seeing that the wedding somehow suggests that Bella is leaving or has left Scientology, we don’t see it,” declares Scientology critic and former member Tony Ortega.

As for why Tom and Connor weren’t there, sources say it’s just because Bella didn’t want the media attention their presence would bring. Still sounds fishy to us!

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