Jason Priestley shuts down 90210 fans over his fling with Tori Spelling

Oct 5, 2015 at 6:49 p.m. ET
Image: Brian To/WENN.com

Tori Spelling stirred a decades-old pot of 90210 drama when she sat in the hot seat of Celebrity Lie Detector, and now the cast members she dished on are sounding off in response.

Actually, right now, just one: Jason Priestley.

The 46-year-old '90s heartthrob is slamming Spelling’s confession on Twitter. But not the confession you might think.

During her spill sesh, Spelling admitted a fling with Priestley, saying, "It was a summer fling. It was off-set. It was our version of a summer romance. The 90210 version. And that was it, and we stayed friends." And when fans of the show tried to pry for more details about the tryst, Priestley shut them down. First he addressed if he even watched the interview, saying, "Nope," and that he wasn't even curious about it.


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Then he neither confirmed nor denied the summer love, saying, "I'm not getting into this… It's nobody's business… Either way."


But it was Spelling's denial of something else that got Priestley all hot and bothered. He became more vocal about the fact that Spelling refused to admit she sold his wedding invitation at a garage sale for $5. Spelling proved to be lying about this on the show when she said she hadn’t, but still stuck to her story. When a fan asked for a response to her apology, Priestley said he didn't think it was an apology. And when another tweeter said she bombed that question with the lie detector, he said, "Really??!? I'm shocked!!"


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Another hot-button issue for Priestley? His former onscreen sister, Shannen Doherty. During her interview, Spelling revealed that she felt as if she was "part of something, a movement" to get Doherty fired. Priestley tweeted, "Shannen and I will always be friends… Been through too much together."

And when fans began saying they were bummed he was putting down their beloved show, he said, "I'm only speaking with negativity about the Lifetime movie and Tori's lie detector... Nothing but love for 90210."


All this 90210 nostalgia and drama is giving me a serious itch for a binge session. Better stock up on popcorn.

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