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RHOC‘s Tamra Judge & Shannon Beador talk Brooks’ cancer and breakup (VIDEO)

Say what you want about Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador, the ladies certainly know how to keep it real. They pride themselves on being super authentic, as they admitted during a recent exclusive interview with SheKnows.

Beador and Judge’s authenticity certainly resonates with viewers; many have thanked them for helping them get through a variety of challenging situations. Fans have expressed the most gratitude for Beador’s willingness to share difficulties she’s faced in her marriage. She told SheKnows that, during a recent couples retreat, several women approached her “with tears in their eyes” and thanked her for saving their marriages.

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Unfortunately, not all aspects of life in the public eye are rewarding. Although Beador and Judge appreciate the positive attention from their fans, they don’t particularly enjoy dealing with their many haters on social media. At this point, they’ve gotten pretty good at tuning the criticism out and not taking it to heart. In fact, Judge actually finds her haters “quite hypocritical” when they “rip me apart for doing my job.” Beador agrees with Judge, but she also believes that sometimes, the negativity simply arises from clueless social media users who, because they are “having a bad day,” are desperate to “take their aggression out” on an easy-to-villainize reality star.

Some of the social media hate results from misconceptions people carry about who reality stars really are. Their lives are not quite as glamorous as haters would like to think; Beador even admitted to having folded a whopping 13 loads of laundry the night before her interview with SheKnows. But folding laundry and wiping kids’ runny noses doesn’t make for entertaining television, so viewers are not going to see the full story when they tune in. Even when the gals do attend crazy parties, the drama isn’t as extensive as viewers think. According to Judge, these events sometimes last five hours, and yet, only three minutes are featured on RHOC. Ultimately, Beador and Judge’s public personas all depend on “what [Bravo] chooses to show.”

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The negativity related to RHOC and social media doesn’t only impact the Housewives; it also sometimes harms their loved ones. In fact, Judge believes that this negativity is directly responsible for Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers’ recent split. Unfortunately, relationship drama — and ensuing breakups — tend to be a side effect of life in the public eye. As Judge puts it, “That’s what [Gunvalson is] paid the big bucks for… that’s what you sign up for.” However, Judge is sympathetic to Gunvalson’s plight, especially given the odd timing of the breakup. Ayers “hightailed it to another state” in the aftermath of the split, leaving Gunvalson little opportunity to gain closure. Although reports indicate that the breakup was mutual, Judge claims that Gunvalson “is very sad” about how things ended with Ayers.

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Gunvalson and Ayers may no longer be an item, but Judge and Beador’s relationships are still going strong. There have been a few hiccups, however, including the ongoing drama between Meghan Edmonds and Vicki Gunvalson. Edmonds’ husband is clearly not big on the drama, and according to Beador, neither are David Beador and Eddie Judge. However, Judge concedes that they have gotten “a little bit more involved” than fans might have originally anticipated. Both guys agree that there are some major inconsistencies between Ayers’ story and the information Edmonds has managed to unearth. Viewers will learn a little more about these inconsistencies during future episodes of RHOC, and they’ll also see Gunvalson and Beador “go at it” once again. Tune in tonight to watch the drama unfold.

What do you think of Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador’s take on the Brooks Ayers cancer drama? Are you looking forward to seeing even more of this discussion — or have you had enough? Comment and share your opinion below.

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