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Jill Zarin speaks out about the car wreck that knocked her unconscious

Well, this is pretty terrifying. Former The Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin was involved in a major car crash on Friday that knocked her unconscious. There was a pileup on FDR Drive in New York City, and Zarin, who was riding in the back without a seatbelt, wound up making a scary trip to the hospital.

According to reports, Zarin and her publicist were headed to an event to promote her film, Night of the Wild, when they were involved in a dangerous three-car pileup. An insider said the car was only going around 30 mph, but being that Zarin wasn’t wearing her seatbelt, she was whipped around and knocked unconscious. Thankfully, however, after a trip to the hospital, the reality star was back at home by 3 p.m.

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Despite being seemingly OK after the accident, Zarin was reportedly suffering from back pain and a slight tingling down her spine. Supposedly, the extent of her injuries won’t be known for a few days, but thus far, everything seems to be on the up and up. The mom of one has been tweeting since the accident, and she even told Radar Online, “The lesson from all of this is always wear your seatbelt!”

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Not long after the accident, Zarin’s assistant sent out a tweet from her account, letting her fans know that she was all right after reports began to surface.

Not gonna lie, I kinda respect this girl for promoting herself while tweeting from her boss’ account. Also, when you go to her Twitter account, it says she’s Jill Zarin’s “cyber assistant.” I wonder what that means.

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A short while later, Zarin began sending out a few messages of her own, confirming that she was, in fact, OK.

Later in the evening, Zarin even tweeted that she was getting ready to watch her movie with friends.

The reality star turned actress also retweeted some fans’ compliments and answered questions about the flick.

Thank goodness Zarin — or anyone that we know of  — wasn’t harmed in the accident. Regardless of what you and Bethenny Frankel think of her, it would have been terrible if anything had happened to her.

From the sound of things, Zarin is completely OK right now, so it doesn’t sound like any lasting damage was done. She’s likely just a little shook up, and hopefully, as she mentioned, she’ll now wear her seatbelt every time she’s in the car.

In other news, as horrendous as it is to say, Zarin’s car wreck was weirdly good promotion for her movie. Many people probably didn’t even know she was acting in a flick, but tuned in — or at least watched a trailer online — after hearing about it. I know I did. I also know you’re probably kind of curious about Zarin’s acting debut — so here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

Weird? Totally. But, from the looks of things, Zarin’s actually not a bad actress — you know, in a campy kind of way. Looks like there might be life after Real Housewives after all.

Again, though, the most important thing is that she wasn’t hurt. But, please, Jill, for the love of god, wear your seatbelt whenever you’re in a car.

Jill Zarin
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No, girl. It does.

Did you see Night of the Wild? What did you think?

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