Quantico breakdown: Who we do and don't trust so far

Oct 5, 2015 at 2:05 a.m. ET
Image: Eric Liebowitz/ABC

After being framed for the terrorist plot that blew up Grand Central Station, Agent Parrish set out on her own in tonight's episode in order to prove her innocence... But if she's going to find the proverbial needle in Quantico's haystack of recruits, she's going to have to lay down some serious investigative skill, because every single agent seems to be hiding something.


I mean, couldn't the FBI have done a better job screening their recruits? Quanticois only in its second episode, and already it seems as if the world's foremost intelligence agency only admitted the sneakiest, most messed up applicants they could find. Of course, I can't complain, because the agency's apparent ineptitude makes for some really compelling television, and I can't tear my eyes away...


So let's take a look at who Agent Parrish should and shouldn't trust as she sets out to clear her name and uncover the mastermind behind the biggest attack on American soil since 9/11.

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Shelby Wyatt


They say you can't judge a book by its cover, and that definitely seems to be true with Shelby Wyatt. The blond-haired, green-eyed aristocrat seems the least likely candidate to be accepted into FBI training, and yet she's already proved she's as capable as the rest of the recruits. But a terrorist? I don't buy it. She may have a mysterious foreign lover, but so far she's shown too much empathy to both Parrish and Caleb Haas to be a coldhearted terrorist. I think Agent Wyatt is trustworthy.

Simon Asher


Whoa, Simon is such a sneaky monkey! He spent time in Gaza when no one was supposed to be able to get in or out, he's supposedly gay but spends all his free time flirting with the Nimahs and now we know his glasses aren't even prescription. Who is this guy? And what is he hiding? Until we get more information, I'm putting Simon in my "don't trust" pile, because this dude is all about artifice and misdirection, which is seriously shady business.

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Liam O'Connor


As the agent responsible for training all of Quantico's recruits, O'Connor should be the most trustworthy man in the room, but so far he's shaping up to be the shadiest one of all. Between making a mark of Parrish from the beginning of her training (assigning undercover Agent Booth to get close to her) to his near-rabid belief that she's the terrorist, there's a lot about Connor that just doesn't add up. I wouldn't trust him for a second, and neither should Agent Parrish.

Ryan Booth


There is no doubt in my mind that Booth is involved in Parrish's current situation, but is he a terrorist mastermind? I doubt it. Making Booth the bad guy would mean Parrish's gut instincts about him were wrong from the start, which would mean her instincts about a lot of things would be wrong, which would make her an unreliable agent. And everyone pretty much seems to agree she's one of the FBI's best. But we know Booth's been working undercover for O'Connor, and we see him flat-out lie to O'Connor when he blames Parrish for shooting him, so he's definitely playing multiple sides. I'd put him in the "trustworthy" file, but with a big red-flag warning that says "tread carefully," because he's also working under Captain Suspicious himself: Agent O'Connor.

Miranda Shaw


If Miranda Shaw was behind the bombing, why would she help Parrish escape? Sure, she knows about — and seems directly responsible for — the Amin twins (nice reveal, ABC), but I'm sure that whole storyline will play out in a direction other than setting Parrish up for the bombing. So, while she is definitely up to something, it seems highly unlikely that "something" is the same terrorist plot that has Parrish running for her life.

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No matter who Parrish turns to for help next, her fellow recruits' steady stream of dirty little secrets is addicting — not to mention her own mysterious past. The following episodes are sure to reveal more juicy tidbits about her peers as Parrish digs ever deeper into the haystack of evidence surrounding the crime she's being framed for. Let's just hope she takes Booth's advice:


Who do you think Agent Parrish should and should not trust? Did we miss someone? Tell us in the comments below.