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Blood & Oil lies that are going to get complicated

The lies on Blood & Oil are starting to build.

So far on the show, we’ve seen lots of oil and not a lot of blood. But the sharks are circling. And if these lies are any indication, North Dakota will be seeing red soon enough.

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1. Billy turns down Hap for his family

Billy may have turned down Hap’s potential delicious deal for the sake of his new family, but is that really what he wants? He seems particularly driven by those dollar bills — especially after last episode, when he almost broke up with Cody over his need for success. Is he now a family man? More like, his greed will catch up with him sooner than he thinks and so will his lies — even if they were lies he told himself.

2. Wick gives his alibi

Hap might believe Wick is innocent, but he seems to be the only one. After all, someone killed the scapegoat… and Wick is looking like a pretty prime suspect right now.

3. Hap makes out with Jules

Not only does Hap go for Jules, but he brings up a whole host of questions. Does Jules have so much money and influence in the town because of her relationship with Hap? Does Hap’s wife, Darla, know about his relationship with Jules? And why would Hap go for Jules when he clearly knows she’s also in a relationship with his son, Wick? It’s so messed up, so wrong and so destined for loads of juicy drama.

4. Carla doesn’t have faith in Wick

Carla clearly isn’t brushing off Wick as the main suspect in the oil-stealing scheme gone wrong. Plus, Carla’s interlude with the town sheriff has us suspicious that there’s more going on in that relationship than swapping suspect lists.

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5. Cody is not into the scheming

Is Cody really into all the plotting and the planning, or is her relationship with Billy doomed to fail? The soapy nature of the show, paired with her hesitation to jump into the business wheeling and dealings seems like the show is already setting up this new couple for a speedy divorce.

6. Wick’s sorry, not sorry

Wick apologized to his dad in an apology that was painful to watch in its insincerity. The bad blood between these two is far from over. They may play nice for a while, but it’s only a matter of time before Wick’s true nature comes out again and he turns back to his devious ways.

7. Jules isn’t to be trusted

Who is this random girl running the town? She’s a real estate agent, she owns a bar, she sleeps with Wick and she clearly has history with Hap. What? What?! Should we cheer on the confident go-getter or fear for the fate of everything else on the show? Maybe both?

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8. AJ is a secret spy

Clearly, AJ isn’t just the driver. Who is he spying for? Carla? A competitor? Does he have some personal beef with Hap? Or does Hap just love seeing himself making out with other women and so he asked AJ to document the sexy moment? No matter the answer, clearly “driver” isn’t his only job description.

9. Lacy’s return to town can’t be innocent

Lacy supposedly returned to North Dakota from California because her father was injured, but there’s no way that’s her only motivation for being back in town. In a family that clearly operates off of secrets and lies, Lacy is bound to have a few scandalous secrets. Doting daughter? We doubt it.

Which character on Blood & Oil do you think is the most devious?

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