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Don’t Be Tardy‘s mom fans can relate to Kim Zolciak’s tears

Kim Zolciak has shown a much more likable side of herself on Don’t Be Tardy, with fans of the show getting a close look at the former RHOA star’s everyday life. The last two episodes of the spinoff have been especially emotional; in addition to speaking in public about the struggles she faced as a young mom, Zolciak choked back tears as her daughter graduated from high school.

High school graduation is a very bittersweet time for parents. Although they are thrilled to see their children accomplishing great things and moving on to an exciting new phase in their lives, parents are also saddened by the prospect of no longer spending time with their beloved kids every day. This might not be a problem for Zolciak, as her oldest daughter clearly does not intend to leave the nest for college. Still, the reality star got super emotional at the mere thought of Brielle Biermann no longer being a high school student.

Kim Zolciak
Image: Bravo

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Like many parents of high school seniors, Zolciak dreaded the moment her daughter would walk across the stage in her cap and gown. The famous mom was so upset, she tried to stall her daughter by fixing every last detail of her hair and makeup before letting her leave for the ceremony. Biermann did her best to assure her mom that this was not a time to be sad, but rather, to celebrate the fact that a not especially academic teen such as herself managed to make it through high school in one piece. Not one to be swayed, Zolciak maintained that, for her, this was definitely not a celebration.

Kim Zolciak
Image: Bravo

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A few Twitter users thought that Zolciak was being a bit melodramatic, but fellow moms — especially those who have already been through the turmoil of high school graduation — could definitely relate. Several Don’t Be Tardy fans admitted to getting emotional the moment they witnessed Zolciak’s tears.

Fans may have been sympathetic, but not everybody was understanding of Zolciak’s plight. Ariana Biermann was easily the most dismissive of the reality star’s feelings. She told her mom that she was an ugly crier and later claimed, “It’s a wedding, not a funeral.” Someday, Biermann may also be a mom, and then she will finally realize just how bittersweet it is to watch your kids grow up. Until then, she better get used to having an emotional wreck of a mom, because Zolciak is bound to find it just as difficult to see her other kids graduate and leave the nest.

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Do you agree with Ariana Biermann — did Kim Zolciak get overly emotional? Or do you find her more relatable now that you’ve seen her deal with her daughter’s graduation? Comment and share your opinion below.

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