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Sister Wives: A miserable Meri leaves fans bored

The Browns take part in a cardboard regatta race on this week’s Sister Wives, but “Just Trying to Stay Afloat” applies to more than just the name of Janelle’s boat.

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There’s been a lot of Internet gossip recently concerning Meri Brown, and all of it has to do with her being miserable. While she did make some statements in an effort to thwart the rumors that she’s leaving the show, leaving the family and leaving polygamy, her unhappiness was palpable in Sunday night’s episode, to the frustration of viewers.

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We know from Kody and Christine’s disaster anniversary vacation last week that Meri’s not the only wife who’s unhappy. But because the situation with the adoption is constantly resurfacing, Meri’s decision to divorce Kody so he could legally marry Robyn also keeps being discussed, and even affirmed by the other wives. The result is not only Meri’s misery, but also fans becoming fatigued by attempts to prove otherwise and overall, bored by the episode.

It looks like we might have a break from the Robyn/Meri/Kody marriage and adoption drama next week, when Meri and Janelle sit down to discuss the problems between them. But at this point, it seems like the divorce and its fallout are going to continue to be a central theme this season, and Sister Wives fans will have to decide if they’re willing to stay on board for it.

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Did you think this episode was boring? Are you tired of Meri, Robyn and Kody being the center of this season’s drama? Are you ready for a change?

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