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AHS creator apologizes to Lady Gaga’s parents for AHS: Hotel (VIDEO)

Ryan Murphy couldn’t stop gushing about Lady Gaga last night during the American Horror Story: Hotel premiere, but there was one thing he had to apologize for.

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Murphy, who is the showrunner and co-creator of the FX hit, was giving a speech about the season and introducing Gaga to the premiere audience before the show. And though he said he was awed by Gaga’s energy and performance, he also added that he was “mortified” that Gaga’s parents and fiancé were in the audience during the premiere and that he “apologized in advance for the first six minutes of Act 2.”

That received much laughter and applause from the audience, which, no doubt, was made up mostly of the cast and crew who knew exactly what Murphy was referring to. The rest of us could come up with some pretty good guesses.

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No spoilers here, but let me just say that I couldn’t have imagined the scene would be as disturbing as it was enchanting. Gaga is impossible not to watch, which might just make this the best season of American Horror Story yet.

Of course, Matt Bomer rocking some eye liner and moody stares doesn’t hurt either… just sayin’.

But, in all seriousness, Murphy couldn’t have summed up Gaga any better: “She’s so exciting. The things about her that I’m amazed with is how you think of her, and she’s very intimidating. But the thing that I’ve been so excited about is how kind she is and how professional she is and how she’s brought us really together as a family, and we all love her so much. The crew loves her so much.”

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And AHS: Hotel fans will no doubt fall in love with her right along with everyone else.

Check out Murphy’s speech below.

Credit: Jessica Hickam/YouTube

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres Wednesday, Oct. 7, on FX. Will you be watching?

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