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4 Things we learned from Tori Spelling’s lie detector test

Tori Spelling has already told the world way too much about her personal life, but now she’s decided to take it to the next level with a lie detector test. The following are a few of the juiciest tidbits from the Tori Spelling edition of Celebrity Lie Detector.

1. Shannen Doherty wore the dress Spelling lost her virginity in.

When Spelling ditched her V-card, she was wearing a cute black dress. She got it stained with blood in the heat of the moment, but nevertheless decided to hang on to it. Later, Doherty, who was looking through her best bud’s clothes, decided to wear Spelling’s special dress. Doherty was informed of the clothing item’s lurid past, but that evidently didn’t bother her — she wore it at an iconic Beverly Hills, 90210 photo shoot!

Lie Detector
Image: Lifetime

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2. Spelling got it on with Brian Austin Green and Luke Perry.

She didn’t lose her virginity to any of her fellow Beverly Hills, 90210 stars, but Spelling did have sex with Brian Austin Green. This wasn’t just a no-strings-attached type of relationship; Spelling admitted that, at the time, she had romantic feelings for her fellow TV star. She also got down and dirty with Jason Priestley during a summer fling… and kissed Luke Perry after her 18th birthday party.

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3. She still denies selling Jason Priestley’s wedding invitation for five bucks at a yard sale.

Spelling’s critics believe that she will do just about anything to earn a few bucks, and they were certainly backed up by the lie detector, which gave a false reading when the actress insisted that she would never sell her co-star’s wedding invitation. Spelling pointed to the lack of footage from her televised yard sale as proof that she never sold the invite.

Tori Spelling
Image: Lifetime

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4. She believes that Doherty deserved to be fired.

This was clearly the most difficult confession for Spelling to make, as she and Doherty were close friends during their time on Beverly Hills, 90210. Spelling still feels very guilty about the whole affair, because she believes she played an instrumental role in depriving Doherty of her livelihood.

Those who tuned in for Celebrity Lie Detector were simultaneously fascinated and repulsed by Spelling’s revelations. Several viewers took to Twitter to share their disgust:

Others felt not disgust, but rather, pity. The assumption is that Spelling agreed to this Lifetime special simply because she is desperate for cash.

Regardless of why Spelling agreed to the lie detector test, it’s going to be difficult for her to up her game during future reality TV appearances. Then again, this is Tori Spelling we’re talking about — she always has a few juicy secrets up her sleeve.

What did you think of Tori Spelling’s session with the lie detector? Comment and share your opinion below.

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