The Jacksons: Next Generation debuts a grown-up Prince Michael Jackson

Oct 3, 2015 at 11:17 a.m. ET
Image: Richard Knapp

The Jacksons: Next Generation follows the nephews of legendary singer Michael Jackson as they work to resurrect their group 3T. But in a matter of minutes, a mature Prince Michael Jackson steals the show, leaving fans swooning.

A reality show about Tito Jackson's sons? Sure. Why not? The Jacksons: Next Generation elicited low expectations when Lifetime announced that it would be documenting the lives of Taj, TJ and Taryll Jackson as they worked to put their group, 3T, back on the map. While many didn't know of a time when 3T was actually on the map, the network made it a point to drum up interest by promising viewers a glimpse of (not) arguably the most famous Jackson's children, who've remained under the radar, even after the King of Pop's untimely passing.

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How often were Prince, Paris and Blanket going to be on the show? Would the network's promise amount to just one brief scene in an episode that would be teased all season long? No one quite knew, so it was a big surprise to viewers, who were tired of hearing Michael's name uttered a thousand times when 18-year-old Prince Michael Jackson popped up on the screen during the Oct. 2 premiere.

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It was only about a minute or two before his mature mug was covered by a paintball mask, but it was long enough to satisfy fans. Satisfying to Lifetime: They liked it! They really, really liked it!


Prince wasn't the only one getting attention, however. TJ, who serves as Prince's legal co-guardian along with grandmother Katherine Jackson, had hearts skipping a beat, as well.

But slow down big-breasted women of the world. TJ is "Team Booty," not "Team Boobie," which makes perfect sense considering his former flame is Kim Kardashian. Sorry... Kim Kardashian West. As Kim has mentioned herself, the Kardashian and Jackson families were quite tight back in the day and seem to have maintained that bond, as Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner will also be making "kameos" on the show.

Prince Michael Jackson
Image: Lifetime

Bearing the heavy weight of the Jackson family name, Prince's pop royalty hasn't gone to his head, according to TJ. In one of the shows many moments that left viewers clutching a box of tissues, the father began to get emotional, telling his wife, Frances, that Prince was the only one in the family who remembered that they were getting the results of their newborn son's hearing test, and made sure to give him a hug and tell him that he loved him before they left for the hospital.

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Truly the heart of his father, Michael Jackson — at least the Michael Jackson the family is hoping the public will finally get to know through the show.

Did you watch The Jacksons: Next Generation? Do you think it'll be a success without Michael Jackson's children being a large part of the show?