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Shark Tank‘s Barbara Corcoran accused of sexism

Barbara Corcoran knows how to deliver harsh criticism when it’s needed. But some fans of Shark Tank believe she crossed the line when she told Mikki Bey to quit crying.

Mr. Wonderful angered a lot of people last week when he belittled an entrepreneur on Shark Tank, but he is by no means the only investor capable of hurting feelings. During tonight’s episode, Corcoran offered up a critique every bit as negative as those associated with Kevin O’Leary. Her victim? Mikki Bey, a sought-after beauty expert who wants to make it big with Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions.

Mikki Bey crying
Image: ABC

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Corcoran was certainly not the only shark to get on Bey’s case. First, O’Leary began to break down the makeup artist by telling her to hurry up with her presentation. He later claimed that there was nothing original about her business. At that point, she began to get a bit emotional, but was able to choke back her tears.

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The crying began in earnest when Mr. Wonderful assured Bey that she would not be able to strike a deal with any of the sharks. She responded by explaining how she had given up everything for this opportunity. Corcoran had been relatively quiet up until that point, but she was obviously annoyed by Bey’s tears. She explained, “When I get a woman who is crying, I refile her in my head in terms of potential.”

Mikkie Bey on Shark Tank
Image: ABC

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Although Twitter users agreed with Corcoran’s comments about Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions being a service and not a business, they were not impressed with her stance on “crying stuff.” Several pointed out that Corcoran took issue with women crying, but didn’t seem to have a problem with waterworks from men. Many felt that her focus on women undercut the value of her message. A few unhappy critics even claimed that Corcoran’s comments were sexist.

There is always the possibility, however unlikely, that this was all a ruse aimed at demonstrating how much better eyelash extensions are than mascara. After all, had Bey launched into waterworks while using traditional mascara, her face would have ended up full of black smudges. Instead, her face was complete free of smeared mascara when she was finished with her crying session — and her lashes still looked fabulous!

What did you think of Barbara Corcoran’s response to Mikki Bey’s crying? Does she make a good point, or is her focus on emotional women sexist? Comment and share your opinion below.

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