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7 Ways Scott Disick’s new girlfriend compares to Kourtney Kardashian

The Lord has, apparently, moved on.

Scott Disick has been seen galavanting around New York City with a much younger blonde, and we immediately had to know not only everything about her but how she compares to ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian.

The long-time pair, who share three young children together, split this summer after Disick was unable to keep it together, going on the “bender of his life,” and getting caught getting cozy with another woman.

So what about this new woman?

The mysterious blonde, thanks to internet sleuths, we now know is Lindsay Vrckovnik. And here are a few things we know so far.

1. She’s 18

Vrckovnik graduated from high school with the Class of  2015. She posted this photo back in May. Vrckovnik is the one holding a can of beer in the black dress. She captioned it, “high schools dun [sic].”

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And not only is she 18, but she lives in a dorm.

2. She’s a co-ed

She attends Parsons School of Design, a private art and design school located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood in NYC. Similar to Kardashian, she is ambitious and for all accounts, seems like a driven young woman. She has said she has plans of becoming a professional photographer and artist.

3. She’s Canadian:

She is from Toronto, but is currently living in NYC while she goes to school.

Yet with youth and co-eds, comes partying.

4. She’s a party girl

Which is perfectly fine (and exciting!) for Vrckovnik. But for the 32-year-old father of three battling with addiction problems, probably not a recipe for success in getting your life back on track after an apparent spiral out of control.

Disick and Vrckovnik have been spotted spending late (very late!) nights together around bars and hotels in NYC. Recently the pair was spotted ended a bar-hopping session by going back to Disick’s hotel room around 6 a.m.

A peek at her Twitter account reveals she and her friends sure know how to throw down. They are in college now after all. Kardashian, on the other hand, with three young children and not being 18 years old isn’t out all night living it up like Vrckovnik, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still have a good time.

5. She’s funny

Mark this as strong similarity between the young ingenue and Kardashian, because if anyone has ever watched KUWTK you know that those girls love a good prank. Looking at more of Vrckovnik’s tweets, I can’t help but laugh. Quips and one-liners abound. Like this one: 

6. She’s a model

She is model for the Toronto-based Spot 6 Management agency, which was launched in 2009. She can be seen modeling backpacks in this video for Venque’s Kickstarter video.

With the success and longevity of her reality show and with a mother like Kris Jenner, Kardashian has done her fair share of modeling, too. And of course you know she and her sisters run a successful clothing store, Dash.

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7. She’s a feminist

Vrckovnik isn’t just a young ambitious model, she’s also a feminist artist after our own hearts.

During an interview with Daughter Runs, Vrckovnik’s response to the question about her art and her fascination with the recurring theme of distorting women is everything. She said, “I hate to sound very cliche Petra Collins / Tavi Gevinson and the whole Rookie ‘feminist art’ movement, but no one represents young women better than young women themselves. So really, I’m just sticking to what I know. I think females are very complex beings that are too often dumbed down in the average representation that society delivers of us. So I like my work to focus on that complexity and depth of feeling rather than their physical attractiveness.”

Seriously, I wish I had that kind of forethought at 18 years old.

She seems like a girl who, were I 18 again (and I don’t ever wish to be 18 again) I would like to hang out with, too. But what is Lord Disick thinking? It appears that the reality TV star still doesn’t have his head on straight. He has three children, one still very young, and leaving your family to hang out with young blonde co-eds, no matter how much money or support the mother of your children has, is simply not cool.

And while Kardashian has said on several occasions that she is not only perfectly fine, but that she is taking this time to focus on her health and her children, it is hard to not think back to that KUWTK trailer of her crying over her former flame.

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