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Paula Deen comes clean about her relationship and the divorce rumors

Rumors are swirling that Paula Deen’s 11-year marriage is on the rocks because of a real estate deal, and now she is speaking out.

Deen recently deeded her $1.3 million Savannah, Georgia, home to her husband Michael Groover, leading some to speculate that it was part of a financial settlement in a looming divorce case. A statement from Deen’s rep explaining that the deed of gift was merely part of Deen’s estate planning process did little to dispel the rumors.

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But now Deen is speaking out — and she is defending her marriage.

My marriage has always been good,” she told Radar Online. “My husband is so supportive. He has a huge career. He is a harbor pilot. All these ships come in from all over the world and he gets on them and he parks them on the Savannah River. He has been so good about taking time off for me.

“This morning, two of our grandchildren came out to visit,” she revealed. “So he took them to San Diego to the zoo and to SeaWorld. He said, ‘Paula I am gonna do you a big favor, honey! I am gonna take those children and entertain them.’ He has always been so supportive to take his things and put them aside to be with me.”

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Deen even said that Groover appreciates the changes in her body that her tough Dancing with the Stars fitness regimen is causing.

“My husband hugged me the other night and said, ‘Paula, I feel changes.’ That is good too, because I have a tire that I’d like to get rid of,” she said. “Physically it’s tough, because I hadn’t been in a structured exercise program since I was 18 years old. So it is hard, honey! It is hard.

“Let me write cookbooks. Let me do cooking shows. It’s all easy,” she said. “But that dancing is challenging and I am certainly out of my comfort zone there.”

Maybe Deen’s success in her marriage will somehow translate to success on the dance floor.

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