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Shannon Beador reveals disrespectful move by husband’s mistress (VIDEO)

Shannon Beador’s pain went from awful to horrendous when she received the most outrageous phone call from the last person she wanted to talk to.

Beador revealed that her husband David’s former mistress had the gall to call her and say the most hurtful things — and dropped in a terrible detail about David’s thoughtless behavior.

“I have actually spoken to her because she called me once,” Beador told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. “But I’ve never sought her out.”

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“In that conversation, I wanted to say certain things but I didn’t. I said, ‘I want my family back.’ Her response was, ‘He’s obsessed with me! He wants to marry me! I don’t even know the guy,’ and it was not — it wasn’t a kind conversation.

“I don’t think people understand the level of hurt,” Beador continued.

“One day, David handed [our daughter] Stella his wedding ring and said, ‘Give this to your mother, I don’t want it anymore,’ and that was a knife in my heart,” she confessed.

“I thought [we] we’re never going to get back together, and I had to do some of the interview commentary for the show, and I wore his wedding ring because there wasn’t any way I was going to give up.”

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It was previously revealed that David’s mistress, identified as Irvine Technology company president Nicole McMackin, went out of her way to sign her daughter up for the same basketball team the Beadors’ daughter played on and that David coached, and tried to befriend Shannon in some sick mind game.

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