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RHOC’s Brooks Ayers take drastic measures to clear his name

This season of The Real Housewives of Orange County has had an interesting storyline that seems to have torn the cast apart.

It all seemed to surround the now ex-boyfriend of Vicki Gunvalson, Brooks Ayers.

Ayers has been plagued by accusations he is faking his cancer diagnosis. Fellow Housewives cast members have gone so far as to call his doctors’ offices pretending to be potential patients and ask intrusive questions about the types of procedures they do to try to decide if they think Ayers is being treated there.

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Leading the witch hunt is most definitely Meghan King Edmonds. During an interview with Us Weekly, Ayers claimed that Edmonds and the other women are “manufacturing drama,” and maintained that he is, in fact, currently fighting non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

“The only people in my life that I’ve been battling have been the women this year. And it’s nothing more than a manufactured storyline,” he said, and continued, “It creates drama and relevance for them to be able to challenge somebody else’s illness. I simply want to share with people that you can survive a relationship in the public eye and be there to nurture each other — Vicki through the loss of her mom, me battling cancer for a third time — and it turned into a circus.”

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And that circus got so out of control that Ayers is actually threatening to sue the ringleader, Edmonds, if she doesn’t “change her ways.”

He has already taken steps to get Edmonds to stand down. He said, “Meghan has scoffed that, ‘Oh my God, Brooks is threatening to sue me.’ But what people don’t know is that I have sent her a formal letter from my attorney… demanding certain things, and I do have significant ground if she doesn’t change her ways, and she’s got an opportunity to do that.”

His cease and desist isn’t the only thing he is dishing on. He weighed in on why he thinks she is attacking him so badly, saying, “[Meghan] doesn’t really care about me sincerely, she cares about being relevant on the show. And that saddens me, and that’s immaturity on her part.”

As for his health, Ayers revealed that he has gone against his oncologist’s wishes and has begun trying alternative methods to fighting his cancer after months of chemo treatments did not improve his numbers. He said, “I decided I would attack my body in a natural way.” He said he did his research about the new approaches he is trying, exclaiming, “What would I have to lose?”

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Do you think Ayers is right to threaten Edmonds with a lawsuit for her part in the fake cancer accusations?

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