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Claire Danes reveals Homeland stole her baby pics (VIDEO)

Claire Danes has finally unraveled one of the biggest Homeland mysteries with the help of Stephen Colbert.

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What the heck do those opening credits even mean? Why in the world is there a girl in a lion’s mask? Why is Obama’s head sometimes upside-down?

As Colbert puts it as he asks Danes to explain during her appearance on The Late Show, “They really feel like they might mean something.”

Well, according to Danes, the answer is that they mean absolutely nothing.


Danes told Colbert, “I don’t think there’s much meaning.”

Though she did have an interesting tidbit about those opening credit photos, revealing, “Some of those photos of me as a little girl are actually me. I didn’t know they had those photos, and then I saw the credits and I was like, ‘Where’d they get that?’ They’re me with the little pin curls.”

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In case you need a refresher, here are the opening credits.
Danes also pointed out that the show has ditched the jazz music. “Where’d the jazz go? But she’s living in Berlin and she’s cycling a lot so she’s not in her car listening to jazz.”

So at least that much makes sense.

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Dane’s character Carrie loved crazy improvisational jazz, which went right along with her erratic way of being and her investigation methods, versus Saul, who loved his music smooth just like he liked his investigations. Maybe not so subtle, but it gave viewers an excuse to also enjoy some good tunes along the way.

Homeland Season 5 is set to premiere Oct. 4 on HBO.

Check out Danes’ interview with Colbert below.

Are you disappointed that there’s no big meaning behind Homeland‘s opening credits?

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