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Sister Wives ladies shut down rumors with baby bump pic (PHOTO)

The focus of Sister Wives this season has been Meri’s decision to divorce Kody and its effect on the Browns, including the rumors generated about Meri leaving not only the show but also the family.

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Robyn Kody Meri
Image: TLC

In last week’s episode, Christine expressed frustration that Robyn has been the center of Kody’s attention since the advent of the divorce proceedings (and, fans have argued, since she joined the family), since it’s she who’s the main beneficiary of Meri’s difficult decision. All this upheaval has been fuel for the Internet rumor mill: she’s been emotionally cheating on Kody, she’s leaving the family, abandoning polygamy, trying to convince Christine and Janelle to do the same, and more.

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Meri has been openly addressing and dispelling rumors that she’s leaving, as well as the idea that Robyn is trying to take over the family. A recent photo posted on the show’s Facebook page seems to confirm that the Brown women support each other and are collectively excited about the impending birth of Robyn’s new baby.

The photo is certainly part of a larger strategy to prove that the Browns remain tight, but is it true? The cast of Sister Wives has always been firm in stating that, in spite of their polygamist practice, they’re just like any other normal family. The Meri/Robyn/Kody situation, though, is anything but normal, and has certainly created some genuine conflict, if not a serious fissure. Even if Meri’s not planning to leave, things are definitely not like they were before the divorce, and the family will likely be dealing with the consequences of the restructuring for a long time to come.

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Do you think that any of the rumors about Meri are true? Will she leave the family and/or the show? Is Robyn trying to get Kody all to herself? What other drama do you think Season 6 has in store?

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