Step It Up's Deshauan talks candidly about her weight (EXCLUSIVE)

Oct 2, 2015 at 12:48 p.m. ET

On tonight's episode of Step It Up, Traci Young-Byron is once again walking around with her bat, and this time she could be hurting feelings as well with the words that come from her mouth.

In this exclusive preview, we hear Deshauan commenting on her weight and how she has never let it hold her back. Shortly after that, Young-Byron tells her she needs to step it up and that she looks "winded." In the scene, it seems Young-Byron may be directing that to Deshauan because of the fact that she is a little bigger than the other girls. Young-Byron quickly tells the girls that Deshauan is not the only one looking winded. Did she mean it or was she just trying not to look like she was fat-shaming Deshauan?

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Right after that, Young-Byron starts yelling for her bat and demands that one of the girls go and get her bat for her. As we saw last week, Young-Byron's bat has caused a lot of controversy with fans. What is she going to do with that bat? Is it a security blanket or does she really have visions of swinging it at someone?

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So what is going to happen tonight on Step It Up? From the looks of the preview, we may see a young woman who is very strong and confident in herself and her abilities despite weighing a little more than the other girls. We may also see fat-shaming, and a teacher who is harder on her, because of that weight.

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