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Howard Stern, Emily Blunt awkwardly discuss her ex-boyfriend, Michael Bublé

Emily Blunt is happily married to John Krasinski, so why is Howard Stern still hyping up her famous ex?

Things got a little weird this week when Stern was interviewing Blunt on his radio show. Yes, it’s normal for Stern to bring the craziness, but this conversation took a turn for the super uncomfortable when Stern wouldn’t stop talking about Blunt’s ex-boyfriend, Michael Bublé.

“I know your husband, a lovely guy; I really like him a lot, but I didn’t realize you were in a deep, heavy relationship with Michael Bublé,” said Stern.

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If you’re not already squirming about Stern’s use of the words “deep” and “heavy,” just wait; it gets way worse.

“You haven’t dated a lot of guys, you like monogamy… and you were madly in love with Michael Bublé,” he continued.

Blunt remained remarkably cordial and composed throughout Stern’s questioning about Bublé, but things got even creepier when Stern started proclaiming his own love for the singer.

“I met him recently, I worked with him on America’s Got Talent. I was shocked at what a bright, funny guy this guy is,” Stern cooed about Bublé. “And you were perfect together.” At this point, you can almost hear Blunt cringing as she silently prays that Krasinski will never, ever hear this interview.

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“I don’t know if I was perfect with him,” she laughed. “But we had a good time.”

Stern then went on to tell the tale of Blunt going home to meet Bublé’s parents, even adding that Bublé’s mother said, “You better marry this girl.”

The cherry on top came when Stern brought up the reason for Bublé and Blunt’s split: infidelity. “That was heartbreaking, because he was not faithful,” said Stern.

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“Well (audible sigh), I don’t know. It’s complicated. Now I’m going red,” replied Blunt.

Listen to the full interview below.

What do you think? Did Stern take it too far or was he just being Howard?

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