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Heroes Reborn: How Luke’s new powers will change everything

When Heroes Reborn began, Zachary Levi’s character was a human hunting Evos and getting revenge for his son’s death alongside his wife, Joanne. Well, during Thursday’s new episode, a big event happened to Luke that is not only going to change everything for Luke physically, but also personally and emotionally.

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At the episode’s start, Luke and Joanne are driving and having an argument about whether they should continue to hunt Evos. Luke seems ready to let it all go, whereas Joanne wants to keep killing those with powers. Well, Luke gets so angry that when he turns down the radio’s volume a spark appears and the car shuts down completely. It could have easily been a fluke, but this is the first hint that Luke might have powers.

Those speculations are later confirmed while Joanne and Luke are eating at a diner. While cutting his meat, Luke cooks his rare steak into a well-done piece of meat by only touching it with his knife. He drops the knife suddenly and is beyond shocked at what’s happening to him. If that isn’t enough, while checking into a motel, Luke goes off by himself and starts to feel warm. But it isn’t just a hot flash. He literally starts glowing and has flashes of light streaming out of him. What is happening? All I know is this: Luke’s new powers are going to change everything on Heroes Reborn.

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Seeing as Luke and his wife are killing anyone with powers to rid them from the world altogether, Luke’s powers are going to cause a huge problem in his relationship. How will Joanne react? Will she kill her own husband and be left alone without any family? Will she leave Luke and go off on her own to finish what they started? Whatever the case, this is just going to be one major change on the show, for sure.

As for Luke, I have a feeling he’s going to struggle with his new powers. Not only is he both scared and confused about what’s happening to him, but his whole world is being turned upside down, again. How is he going to handle this ability and what is he going to do with it? If he chooses to accept his powers, he’ll end up using them for good or for bad. He might even end up saving the world somehow with them. Whatever the case, his current life’s mission is being completely changed and where’s that going to take him?

Basically, Luke’s new powers probably won’t only affect him, but other Evos and the entire Heroes Reborn story line. With that said, here’s how fans are reacting to Luke being an Evo. Also, one fan makes an interesting point: Is Luke the one who blew up Odessa? Maybe he’s like Ted from Heroes?

Heroes Reborn airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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