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Tori Spelling is furious with Andy Cohen for insulting her — twice (VIDEO)

Andy Cohen readily admits that he is fearful of saying the wrong thing while he is fronting either his television show, Watch What Happens Live, or his satellite radio show.

And when Jimmy Fallon asked the TV host if he had ever slipped up and offended anyone, Cohen reveals one really big gaffe that he actually made way worse before it got better. He said, “You know, actually, something happened recently where — did you hear the story of Tori Spelling getting burned at Benihana? It’s actually not funny, but I made a joke about it — I made like a chicken ‘caccia-tori’ joke about it, which is not good.”

But that wasn’t it! He continued, “I love Tori Spelling, she’s great, she’s been on the show… she emailed me and goes, ‘Dude, just so you know, I really like you, you seem like a great guy, but this is not funny and you kind of made fun of me and I feel bad,’ and went into a very long email about how serious it was and all this stuff.”

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Back in April, Spelling tripped and fell onto a hot hibachi grill at the popular chain, ultimately filing a lawsuit after sustaining “second and third-degree burn injuries requiring hospitalization and surgery.”

Cohen followed up Spelling’s initial email, saying, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to, and I’m sorry I told all those jokes.” Then he revealed that he must have misread (or just not read) her email properly and thought she mentioned she wasn’t able to eat for some time and ended his message by saying, “Eat something!”

Turns out, it was all in Cohen’s head. Spelling replied via email again, “Now you’re making fun of my appearance?”

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It was at that point Cohen realized his mistake and felt “terrible.” He said, “I’m codependent and I don’t like to hurt anybody’s feelings, so I emailed her back and I said, ‘I’m so sorry I misread the email!’ It was terrible.”

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