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Dr. Drew drives Jenelle Evans over the edge during Teen Mom 2 reunion (VIDEO)

With such an explosive season on Teen Mom 2, we knew the reunion show would be just as volatile.

And even though it was filmed back in July and we now know that Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are completely over, we get to see Dr. Drew push all of Evans’ buttons about the abusive and dangerous relationship between her and Griffith.

Dr. Drew pushed Evans so far that she was brought to tears several times and stormed offstage twice. But Dr. Drew was only pointing out the obvious: that the two were involved in an extremely abusive relationship. Evans replied, “We’re working things out.” Of course, we now know that is all a distant memory.

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She explained some of the reasons behind her erratic behavior after the couple split and Griffith started seeing other girls, saying, “It made me feel horrible. I was having panic attacks at my externship. I just want my family together. I’m sick of starting new relationships. I want to settle down. I want to get along with the Nathan I used to be best friends with.” She continued, “I just have really bad anxiety right now, and I feel like I’m going to throw up. This other girl always gets brought up somehow.”

Nathan conceded, “Yeah that would hurt anybody.” Dr. Drew recognized these attacks probably have a broader meaning and pressed Evans for more of an explanation.

She said, “I just lock myself in my room in my house, and I literally get into a ball and shake and cry.”

When Griffith claimed she was just “playing the victim,” Evans got too overwhelmed and stormed offstage.

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After some coaxing by the production team, Evans returned to the stage. Dr. Drew then turned the conversation from verbal and mental abuse to physical altercations, asking, “There’s been no other laying hands with each other?” Neither Evans nor Griffith replied.

Things really began to heat up when Evans’ mother, Barbara, entered the picture.

Evans and her mother argued over the custody and safety of Evans’ son, Jace. Barbara said, “Jace is doing really well, and my fears are — I will not put him in this house with all this violence. I will not. It was at a point where I had to pull Jace back from visiting Jenelle because he was coming home crying, wetting the bed, and for three days a week he would be out of sorts in school.”

When Barbara also noted that Jenelle took six years to try to get custody of her son, Evans lost her cool altogether, saying, “Oh really, Mom? And look at you, you work in Walmart deli, and I’m going to be a medical assistant saving people’s lives while you serve f***ing food.”

At that point, Evans got up and walked offstage for the second time during the show.

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