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ABC’s new TV show Ready For This brings some welcome diversity

Australian television has been in need of some diversification for a while now, so it’s with open arms that we welcome Ready For This to our screens (and maybe even our hearts).

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The cast includes Christine Anu and stage actor Lasarus Ratuere, who hold the reins of the boarding house in which the kids stay, and these two talents alone are a good enough reason to give the show a watch.

According to The West Australian, newcomer Majeda Beatty, who will play the role of Ava, said she wished shows like this were on TV when she was growing up.

“Growing up, it was really difficult because I did not see anyone of colour on television,” she said. “Now that there is and I get to be a part of it, I feel very privileged.

“Even if I wasn’t in the show I would still watch it because it’s something I can relate to. I am 17 and indigenous… I always wanted to see a show like this when I was growing up,” she added.

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Ready For This stands out as one of the only Australian TV shows that features primarily indigenous characters — the only other show is Redfern Now, which was produced by some of the same makers of Ready For This.

The show should be well worth watching for fans of dramas and, according to The West Australian, the series follows the stories of six indigenous teens who come to Sydney to make their dreams a reality. They stay in a boarding house together and learn to value each other’s friendship as they grow up together.

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Judging by the show’s trailer, it looks like a fairly polished production with good writing and some top-notch acting, so we’re looking forward to it airing next week on ABC 3.

Could this be the show that will give younger generations the inspiration they need to achieve their dreams?

Whether the show will be a major hit still remains to be seen, but it’s about time Australian producers featured indigenous characters in their shows.

For more, watch the video below.

Trailer: New Australian teen drama, “Ready For This” from Tambay A Obenson on Vimeo.

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