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The Vampire Diaries‘ new trailer is out and someone’s getting naked (VIDEO)

As if waiting for The Vampire Diaries to return for Season 7 wasn’t hard enough, now we’ve got another reason to be champing at the bit for the show to come back.

The newest trailer has been released and to say that it’s a tease is an understatement. Hookups, coffins, explosions — all the usual TVD fare is there.

But did we mention there is some delicious nudity as well? Ian Somerhalder posted the new teaser to his Instagram with a flirty little caption to boot. Take a look.

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“Why is Damon naked in this new Vampire Diaries Trailer?” asks Mr. Somerhalder. Why isn’t he naked all the time in every episode is a better question. If you want to throw in a scene with Damon in his tighty whities while you’re at it, we certainly wouldn’t complain.

The anticipation of Somerhalder in his birthday suit certainly helps lessen the pain of Nina Dobrev’s exit at the end of Season 6. Maybe this is what Somerhalder was hinting at when he said TVD would be better off without Elena.

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“With any change comes a bit of a limbo stage,” Somerhalder told TV Guide in May while discussing Dobrev leaving the show. “I’m excited to tell these f***ed-up, dark, sexy, edgy, volatile stories. Now we get to go back to really great storytelling that was the Season 1 and 2 of the show that we all loved. I want that Damon back.”

In case you missed the previously released Season 7 trailer, it’s full of hints and spoilers of what’s to come for Mystic Falls.

Check it out and get ready for the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, Oct. 8 at 8/7c on The CW.

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