Girl Meets World star speaks out about sexism — and she's only 13

Oct 1, 2015 at 1:04 p.m. ET
Image: Brian To/

Rowan Blanchard is clearly the kind of role model young girls need.

At just 13, Blanchard's recent interview with Elle proves she's got a great perspective about women's roles within the industry. And she wants the media to change their red carpet approach.

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"On a red carpet, the only thing I'm often asked is, 'Who are you wearing?'" Blanchard explained. "And my costars, my friends who are older, even much older, really accomplished actresses who I admire — it's the same story. For a guy, the first question is, 'What drew you to this project?' And it's like, come on! I want to wear cool clothes. I love fashion. We all do. But we shouldn't be taken less seriously because we're in a dress."

Blanchard also spoke out against her other interview pet peeve question: What her diet is like.

"Someone recently asked if I had any dieting tips for other teenage girls. Try and reverse that. 'Do you have any dieting tips for other teenage boys?'"

And the interviewer summed up the proper reaction perfectly: Yikes.

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No 13-year-old girl should be asked about dieting.

Luckily, Blanchard knows it and has a good head on her shoulders.

She added, "I mean, come on. I don't diet! I'm 13! Nobody my age should be dieting or trying to change themselves because society says so. And seriously, I'm 13! The only 'dieting tip' I have is, like, 'If you don't order fries, you'll probably be mad.'"

Let's be real, whether you're 13 or 35, missing out on the fries is always a sad decision.

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And whether you're 13 or 100, you can appreciate Blanchard's take on media and the celebrity world.

"It's inappropriate on so many levels," Blanchard said about the media that is so concerned with weight. "That makes other girls hate themselves or have eating disorders. We have to change all this."