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Mayim Bialik writes spot-on Bill Cosby opinion piece

Mayim Bialik is taking a stand on the Bill Cosby rape scandal, and her article expresses what we should all be thinking.

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The actress wrote her piece for Grok Nation to express how sick to her stomach the whole situation really makes her. And, as she writes, not just because she stood next to Cosby in 2014 to receive an honorary degree with him from Boston University. And not just because she grew up watching him. And not just because he duped everyone into being described as one of the most trustworthy men in America.

But because, “this happens.”

Bialik explained, “It happened then, it happens now and I’m afraid it will continue to happen.”

It happens, and then we have conversations trying to excuse the behavior, according to Bialik.

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And she’s absolutely right. The conversations that we have in this situation, blaming the victims and looking for justification for why these things aren’t just the fault of the attacker, should make us all sick to our stomachs.

“It’s not your business why I go somewhere, or how many drinks I’ve had with whom, or whom I have had sex with. Do not drug me and have sex with me. Do not have sex with me against my consent, or without my express consent. Do not think that you are entitled to my sexual identity or body because you are rich, famous, handsome or stronger than I am. Or because you are a man. No way,” Bialik wrote.

Bialik thinks the solution, at least in part, is to educate boys and raise them with the values to respect women. And while I do agree that it’s just a part of the battle to find equality and respect for women, I also think that blaming parents is just as bad as victim blaming.

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Of course, I think what Bialik was trying to express is that there is never an excuse to touch someone or be intimate with someone unless they consent to it. And trying to find excuses, which we’ve all seen following the Cosby scandal, only further creates a harmful culture that we seem to be living in.

And, yes, we should all be sick to our stomachs over it.

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