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Big Freedia blogs about Devon’s drama, speaking with LGBTQ youth and more

Ya know every episode has to have some ass-shakin’ — but I’ve got even more real at the start of our premiere, as you could tell.

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Katrina, Big Freedia
Image: Fuse

Driving through my ‘hood reminded me again of some really painful memories of Hurricane Katrina. So many places are torn down and still boarded up. But, it is fun to see where I grew up and some of the memories that stay with us for-e-vuh!

Club S&S, Big Freedia
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Club S&S on Martin Luther — oh, yeah, you wanna hear the dirt on those “fights” I referenced? Well, you have to read the book for that, but I’ll just say that I usually stayed out of them, but my friends Katey and Nobbie were getting into stuff all the time. Home is home, and the best memories happened within those four walls I grew up in — no matter how crazy the streets got! I could always go home and get a big hug and kiss from my momma.

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Devon on Big Freedia
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Devonnnnnn… You saw the craziness last season. Devon’s forgettin’ what he’s got. I ain’t putting up with it anymore — too much drama. Here’s the difference between us: I’m serious about getting serious; and he’s playin’ around.

Regarding the studio sessions, you never know when and where inspiration will hit. One time, we were going to record some lyrics, I wrote about how crazy that boy can make me. It turned into my latest single, called “Crazy.” The studio life is always fun, though, and in this episode, you got a taste of my process this time.

Big Freedia, LGBTQ youth
Image: Fuse

Speaking with LGBTQ youth is something that’s extremely valuable to me. Growing up, I wished there were elders who could have been out and talked to me, so I hope encouraging them now can make a huge difference.

Off camera, one of the kids came up to me and said that watching me gave him hope that he could come out to his family one day, and that meant a lot and made me realize it’s more than just a discussion… we’re dealing with lives and identities here.

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