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Lisa Vanderpump weighs in on Kim & Kyle Richards’ feud — and what changed

Kim Richards surprised fans when she posted a picture of herself and sister, Kyle, on Instagram for her birthday, which made fans wonder if the two had finally ended their feud.

And now Lisa Vanderpump is weighing in on the sibling rivalry.

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Speaking during an interview with Us Weekly, Vanderpump explained that she recently saw Kim, and “she’s doing very well and she looks healthy and happy so that’s good. That’s more important than anything, any reality show, so I was happy to see her, doing well on her birthday.”

She continued, “I just think that when there’s something like she has been through — struggle — you’ve got to put everything behind you.”

And although the sisters’ relationship is complicated, the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum explained that they seem happy.

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“I’m sure it’s a complex relationship, but they seemed happy,” Vanderpump told the publication. “It was her birthday so that’s a really positive step in the right direction.”

It’s great to hear that the sisters are moving forward and that Kim has the support of her family. Speaking about the former child star’s sobriety, Vanderpump explained that she appears committed to making a positive change in her life, and she, for one, is happy for her.

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“The most important thing is her sobriety and I’m glad that she has achieved that,” she said. “She has really kind of committed to that. And I think, what can we do? Nothing but support her. And hope the best for her in the future.”

Are you happy that Kim and Kyle Richards have put their differences aside? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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