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Rita Ora’s new boyfriend is going to shatter your ’90’s heartthrob dreams

Rita Ora’s taste in men is varied, and it includes Calvin Harris, Ricky Hilfiger and Rob Kardashian, but we never imagined her with Travis Barker.

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Yes, you read that correctly — Blink 182’s badass, heavily tattooed, drummer.

And, apparently, he and Ora are now dating.

According to Us Weekly, an insider has revealed that the British songstress and Barker have been getting really close since they met at the Power 106 All-Star Game on Sept. 20 in Los Angeles, California.

“Rita sought him out and gave him her info,” the insider told the publication. “They have been together every day since.”

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Barker posted a photo of the pair from the event (and referred to her as beautiful, which she totally is). Ora later reposted the same picture saying it was “nice to see you too.”

Things are reportedly getting pretty serious between the pair, too.

“He’s really into her,” the source told the mag. “He likes interesting women and she’s beautiful.”

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Another thing Ora and Barker have in common is their love for music, Us Weekly reports. The relationship (if we can call it that) is obviously still very new, so there’s not much more known about the pair at this time — apart from the fact that this new coupling is crushing all our ’90’s teen dreams.

Do you think that Rita Ora and Travis Barker would make a great couple? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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