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Survivor: Second Chance: Viewers dish love and hate for Abi-Maria Gomes

Some people just never change. Abi-Maria Gomes became one of reality TV’s most brutal villains of all time during her stint a few years back on Survivor: Philippines. Although she has vowed to sit back more quietly, Abi just can’t stop being Abi.

From complaining about her lost bracelet during the Survivor: Second Chance premiere, to picking a fight with Peih-Gee on the beach after the first Tribal Council, Abi-Maria was definitely the focus of a mixture of love/hate viewer reaction on Twitter.

Here are my personal favorites of all the Abi-based tweets.

Truly polarizing, can’t you tell?

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Hungry for Abi

Jeff, one of her Ta Keo tribemates, summed up her strange attitude the best by labeling her “the Brazilian soap opera.” He viewed her as the dream choice to bring all the way to the end of the game.

“I see Abi as somebody everybody hates, which makes her somebody that I know I can beat,” Jeff said. “She is the perfect tool to help me win $1 million. Oh, my God, this is delicious! Who needs food when you have Abi?”

Jeff Varner on Ta Keo tribe for Survivor: Second Chance
Image: CBS

But her evil-like stare washed away when those she felt aligned with were laughing at her. Terry felt sorry for her, so he went and had a bonding moment with the Brazilian baddie. The next morning, Jeff told her that he didn’t want her to go anywhere because he thinks she’s “fabulous.” No, Jeff. You think she’s your golden ticket. Smart dude.

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Tension-filled Tribal Council

Ta Keo went to their second Tribal Council in a row after a crazy close immunity challenge. Once back at camp, Abi straight out told Shirin that the tribe was gunning for her and Spencer. Shirin was devastated that she went from being in the majority alliance to the minority. After trying to make a play on Woo, who wasn’t, well, wooed, the stage was set for a Spencer/Shirin showdown at Tribal Council.

Shirin Oskooi, Abi-Maria Gomes and Spencer Bledsoe at Ta Keo camp on Survivor: Second Chance
Image: CBS

Although neither wanted to vote against the other since they were strongly aligned, Spencer and Shirin did just that in an effort to spare themselves. In a tension-filled, stressful tally of the votes, Spencer was spared by a slim margin as Shirin was snuffed out of the game.

Shirin Oskooi cast photo for Survivor: Second Chance
Image: CBS

Spencer, along with many viewers, let out a big sigh of relief.

I was entirely too nervous watching that vote play out. I’m a big Spencer fan and I am thrilled he’s getting a second chance at this Second Chance edition. He really is a fan-favorite player and I hope he pulls himself out of this strange pit he’s put himself in and finds a way to bury people in it.

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What’s your take on this season so far? Are you happy Shirin was voted out this early? Do you love or love to hate Abi-Maria? Give us your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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