Mischa Barton’s financial woes just got even worse

Mischa Barton is having a tough time digging herself out of a huge financial mess — and her debt just got even deeper.

The former star of The O.C. has racked up a series of debts since 2009 and the latest one could leave her without wheels. Barton is being sued by an auto leasing company after defaulting on her 2015 Audi Q3, just months after signing the paperwork.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, the actress put down $2,300 on the car and agreed to make monthly payments of $696.29 — but she only made one payment.

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When the leasing company demanded she return the car, she refused, so now they are demanding an immediate payment of $40,000.

This is far from the first time Barton has found herself in dire financial straits. In 2009, she refused to pay a huge bill for sober coaches who were trying to keep her on the straight and narrow. Her home was threatened with foreclosure in 2014 after she fell more than $100,000 behind in mortgage payments. Earlier this year, she sued her own mother, alleging the woman stole her money and kicked her out of her own home.

So where did all her money go? Possibly down this toilet she posted on Instagram the other day.


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