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Jessa Duggar reveals she and her husband are considering a big move

Jessa Seewald, formerly Duggar, reveals that she doesn’t think her family will be just like her parents’, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

At the Southern Women’s Show in Orlando, Florida, Jessa, who is expecting her first child with husband Ben Seewald in just a few weeks, explained just how different she and Ben’s life path will be.

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For one, they don’t plan on naming all of their kids with the same first letter. Jim Bob and Michelle went with a J theme when naming their children.

But even bigger than what they’ll be naming their future children, the couple also dropped some other big bombs about their life plans.

“We’d love to adopt,” Ben revealed onstage in front of a crowd of conference attendees. All of Jim Bob and Michelle’s 19 children are biological. “We’re looking into that and seeing what the process is, what the requirements are.”

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The couple might also leave Arkansas. The newlyweds currently live close to Jim Bob and Michelle’s family home.

Jessa explained, “If Ben’s seminary that he’s looking into required us to move, then we might eventually move.”

As for whether or not the two are planning to add 19 children to their family just like their parents did, according to Entertainment Weekly, Jessa gave a definitive no answer on that front.

The two seem to be focusing on their first child, which is due in just five weeks.

“I know it’s going to change our lives dramatically,” Jessa said about motherhood. “It’s going to be huge. [Ben and I] were just talking about the logistics of travel. Right now, we packed all of our stuff in a little suitcase for this weekend trip, and I was like, man, when you have a baby! Our friends have been warning us, ‘You’re going to have car seats and strollers and a huge bag for all the baby stuff — diapers, and whatever, extra change of clothes in case something happens.'”

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Luckily, Jessa thinks she has the perfect example in her mother to help guide her as a role model.

Of course, Jessa and Ben steered clear of the awkward subject of her brother, Josh Duggar, who is currently in rehab following a stint of sexual scandals, including news that he molested his sisters as a teen and reportedly cheated on his wife with multiple women.

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