Scream Queens' Dean Munsch and 8 top Red Devil suspects

Sep 29, 2015 at 11:46 p.m. ET
Image: Steve Dietl/FOX

Did Scream Queens just reveal the killer? During Tuesday night's episode, a few shockers were dropped. Warning: If you've yet to catch the new episode, read no further. However, if you can't wait, then by all means continue reading and spoil the episode for yourself.

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Moving on. First, it was revealed that there are two Red Devils. Yep, Scream Queens is totally pulling a Scream and I love every minute of it. Second, Dean Munsch might be the killer. Say what? That's right; Wes and Gigi suspect Dean Munsch to be the Red Devil. After they were both attacked (don't worry, they both survived) by the Red Devil with a chain saw, Wes immediately picked up said chain saw and declared to Dean Munsch's face, "You're the killer!"

It remains unclear why he thinks the college's serial killer is Cathy Munsch, but based on next week's promo, it looks like we'll get answers. Until next Tuesday's episode and more information is revealed, it's time to speculate about the top Red Devil suspects. Now that there are two it could be anyone, but here's who I've narrowed it down to.

1. Dean Munsch

She's been around that college campus for quite some time now, not to mention she seemingly helped cover up the death of that KKT sorority sister back in the day. Maybe she just wants to get revenge on all of the students for making her life a living hell. Or, you know, she could be the mastermind behind the Red Devils and is paying them to be killers.

Boone on Scream Queens
Image: Tumblr

2. Boone

It was revealed during the two-hour premiere that Boone isn't dead and is working with the Red Devil. Yep, he's totally one of the killers.

3. Chanel #2, aka Sonja

Is Chanel #2 really dead? According to Entertainment Weekly, Ariana Grande will return as Chanel #2, which means she could easily be alive and one of the Red Devils. As Ryan Murphy teased, "She’s recurring definitely. Everyone thinks she’s gone but she’s not gone. I wouldn’t say ghost. Nothing you think is happening is happening on the show. You think some people are dead — they’re not dead."

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4. Denise

She's probably the least likely suspect out of this entire list, but the fact that she suggests there might be two Red Devil killers after viewers just learned themselves that very same fact sure seems fishy. Or, you know, she is just super smart and is going to crack this case wide open.

5. Wes

If Grace is that mysterious baby, then maybe Wes is getting revenge for the death of her mother. Also, the Red Devil just happens to start killing with a chain saw after Wes shows The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in class. Coincidence? Hmm... probably not. Oh, and there's the fact that he seems to be hiding something and is totally creepy at times.


6. Gigi

Just look at Gigi's face when Wes says he thinks Dean Munsch is the killer. Is that a smirk? It's almost like she seems happy about it and this was her plan all along. Or, you know, maybe she's just really annoyed with Dean Munsch and her awful white noise machine.

7. Pete

Not only did Chanel reveal Pete is seemingly a stalker, but he also had a Red Devil costume in his closet. He said he sometimes acts as the school's "mascot," but is anyone believing that?

8. Hester

She is obsessed with death, which is both terrifying and possibly a huge hint that she's one of the Red Devils.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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