Total Divas: Dolph Ziggler's flirting with Nikki Bella was out of line

Sep 29, 2015 at 10:51 p.m. ET
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John Cena and Nikki Bella's relationship is by no means perfect, but for the most part, the two seem happy together. Unfortunately, Dolph Ziggler is trying to change that. During tonight's episode of Total Divas, he admitted that he still has feelings for Bella and that he thinks she should ditch Cena!

Is Ziggler a homewrecker? He's one of the most likable WWE guys in the ring, but on Total Divas, he's a bit of a jerk. When Cena's away, Ziggler comes out to play. But when Ziggler plays, he means business. The wrestler wasted no time when he ran into his ex-girlfriend in Phoenix, and even the evil eye from Bella's brother-in-law, Daniel Bryan, was not enough to convince him to back down. The flirting continued during a pool date and then again backstage during filming for Monday Night Raw. It was all rather awkward, in part because Bella was too nice to shut Ziggler down.

Dolph Ziggler
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During a brief chat with Ziggler about his intentions, Brie Bella accused the WWE star of manipulating her sister. She made a good point, because Ziggler took every opportunity to highlight Cena's reluctance to get married or have kids. Ziggler claimed that, unlike Cena, he was more than ready to take the next step and, therefore, was the better choice for Bella. In a petty move very reminiscent of The Bachelor's Shawn Booth, Ziggler even referred to Cena as "the other guy." In doing so, he came across as bitter and disrespectful — qualities Bella probably isn't looking for in a guy.

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It can't be easy for Ziggler to see Bella with Cena, especially when he still has feelings for her. But does he really have her best interests at heart? Bella insists that she's happy with Cena and has no interest in returning to Ziggler, so the responsible thing to do would be to let the Diva make her own decisions about her love life. If he's really meant to be with Bella, they will eventually end up together. Breaking up a happy relationship, however, is not the right approach.

Nikki Bella and John Cena
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Although some Twitter users would love nothing more than for Bella to ditch Cena and resume her romance with Ziggler, many others were disappointed by the underhanded tactics the wrestler used to get back in his ex's good graces.


Ultimately, Bella's relationship with Cena is none of Ziggler's business. By sticking his nose where it doesn't belong, he may have jeopardized all chances of a future relationship with his ex. Fans will have to wait to find out how the Diva reponded to Ziggler's pleas, as the episode ended with a huge cliffhanger.

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