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Jenelle Evans insider reveals details about her latest cosmetic procedure

If you think that Jenelle Evans looks a little different lately, it’s because she does.

In addition to her recent weight loss and new hair extensions, Evans is now sporting a plumped-up pout. According to OK! magazine, the doctor who performed the cosmetic procedure is now speaking out about the reality TV star’s new (and changing) looks.

Dr. Tabasum Mir dished all the details about the Teen Mom‘s latest cosmetic procedure.

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She said, “Jenelle has lip injections. She got Juvederm put in her lip. It lasts about nine months.” You can tell her lips have just a little bit more oomph in some of her recent Instagram posts, too.

But Mir wanted to make it clear Evans wasn’t going to turn out like those over-plumped other celebrities and that she wasn’t going to allow her to “look crazy.”

“Everyone just assumes that when you get your lips done they’re automatically going to look harsh. Even Kylie Jenner’s lips didn’t get that big right away. She probably had several treatments before it got that big,” Mir said.

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She mentions that since Evans has such a tiny frame, she decided to keep the star’s lips from going overboard, like fellow Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham or other reality stars. “There’s nothing illegal or medically wrong with having big lips, but aesthetically it just doesn’t look right. I think that because she’s so tiny and petite I don’t think Jenelle wants to go too big. But if she did, I would tell her if I thought it was too big.”

Mir also gives herself a mini pat on the back, claiming that Evans’ plumped lips should give her another boost in her confidence since she will look so good. “She looks fabulous. She never liked her lips before and now she can really enjoy them!”

What do you think about the latest Teen Mom cosmetic procedure details?

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