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Teen Mom 2‘s Adam Lind allegedly wants custody for the wrong reason

Is Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind serious about getting custody of his daughter?

Also, it would appear that if he is, he is dragging his feet about making good on those claims.

According to Radar Online, Lind hasn’t made any moves yet to gain full custody of his older daughter, who he had with Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska. Lind claimed he was going to take Houska to court once more to gain full custody of the couple’s daughter, but the tabloid website is now saying that he hasn’t begun any part of the process to do so.

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A source allegedly told Radar, “Adam hasn’t filed papers or anything. Chelsea still has full custody, and Adam has visits every other weekend, like it’s always been.” It was only eight months ago that a South Dakota judge denied Lind’s appeal for shared 50-50 custody of daughter Aubree.

Lind made an announcement four days ago that he got his license back after five years, and on top of putting the other pieces of his life back together, “bought a house… started personal training…” he was going to try to begin getting custody of Aubree. Which he listed like a to do or grocery lists, “Got custody of paislee [sic] and now on to Chelsea for custody of Aubree.”

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Paislee is Lind’s daughter he had with his (other) ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur but according to reports, he doesn’t actually have custody of his younger daughter, either. According to Radar again, Lind only has a visitation agreement, not actual custody. A source said, “He doesn’t have 50-50 or full custody. Adam just thinks that visitation is custody in some sort of form.”

But it is the allegation that Lind is only making these custody claims to keep fans on his side that are the most shocking. The source said, “Adam is just saying he wants custody again for attention. He wants to look like a good dad to fans.”

That is a bold allegation. No matter the semantics of custody or visitation, it appears the important thing is that he seems to want to be a part of his children’s lives, and at least on the surface seems to be getting his life on track. So let’s hope that he sincerely does want to try to be as large a part of his kids’ lives as he posts on social media and that his little girls’ best interests are at heart regardless of what his legal status of custody/visitation is.

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