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Ladies of London fans take sides: 8 reasons I’m Team Caroline Stanbury

If you watch Ladies of London, no doubt you have a favorite — or favourite — gal. (And if you don’t watch Ladies of London, what is wrong with you?) I know Caroline Stanbury isn’t everyone’s cup of English Breakfast tea, but the woman’s won my heart, hook, line and sinker.

Stanbury’s recent New Year’s Eve antics were — to quote Countess de Lesseps — “all uncool.” But I don’t care. I love her anyway. While some people heart Juliet Angus, I’m Team Caroline all the way.

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Here are eight reasons Team Caroline Stanbury is the only team.

1. She truly doesn’t care what you think
It’s rare to meet someone who truly does not care what other people think in this world — like, from the bottom of their soul. Stanbury is definitely one of those people. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s beautiful and rich, but still! She’s out to do her and her only. #respect

2. She can laugh at herself

Ever see Stanbury’s office at the Gift Library? There’s a dartboard with her picture on it right in the main area. How could you not love someone who pokes fun at themselves like that?

3. Despite her tough exterior, she really does have a big heart

OK, so the whole unicorn onesie humping thing was out of line, but Stanbury does care about Angus. When Angus started crying to her about how she wanted to have Thanksgiving at a house instead of at Marissa Hermer’s restaurant, Stanbury immediately offered up her home.

4. She’s the only person who could look like this in the middle of the desert
Need I say more? Wow.

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4. Despite her fabness, she’s a regular mom

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#honeyiworeoutthekids #universalstudios perfect day

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Well, maybe not a regular mom, but look — she took her three kids to Universal Studios and walked around like the rest of us.

5. She can say things that no one else in this world can

caroline stanbury
Image: BuzzFeed
caroline stanbury
Image: BuzzFeed

6. She’s not afraid to be confident
No shrinking violet here. Stanbury knows she’s fabulous and she owns it. Good for her.

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7. She’s more than a pretty face
Despite the fact that she’s married to a rich man — and has dated the likes of Prince Andrew and Hugh Grant — Stanbury still works. She built her business, the Gift Library, from the ground up and runs it on her own.

8. She makes the show

caroline stanbury
Image: BuzzFeed

Whether you love her or hate her, there’s no denying the fact that Ladies of London wouldn’t be Ladies of London without Caroline Stanbury.

Who’s your favorite Ladies of London gal?

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