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RHOC fans are sick of the cancer story line

Season 10 of RHOC can basically be summed up as everybody freaking out over Brooks Ayers’ cancer (or lack thereof). Everybody, that is, except Heather Dubrow, who is too busy freaking out over her house. Fans are beginning to tire of the repeated story line, which they made very clear during tonight’s episode.

The drama surrounding Ayers’ cancer was somewhat interesting near the beginning of the season, but after over a dozen episodes, even the most intriguing The Real Housewives of Orange County story line can grow stale. At this point, it’s basically a given that every episode is going to feature Meghan Edmonds sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong and Ayers insisting that he really does have cancer, even though all signs indicate otherwise.

Meghan Edmonds RHOC
Image: Bravo

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After putting up with repeated episodes featuring the same old plot, RHOC fans have made it clear that they are ready for something new. Gone is the fiery debate about whether or not Ayers has cancer (and whether Edmonds is being too nosy). This has since been replaced with the resignation of longtime Real Housewives fans, many of whom assume the cancer issue will still be front and center when the show’s finale and reunion finally arrive.

Brooks Ayers Cancer
Image: Bravo

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Tonight, the new wrinkle in the story was supposed to be Ayers showing Tamra Judge his medical records. Vicki Gunvalson admitted that she wanted Judge to act as her advocate while meeting with the other Housewives. This plan did not come to fruition, but legions of annoyed Twitter users didn’t really care. All they wanted was for everybody to stop talking about cancer.

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The discussion about cancer also featured several mentions of Edmonds’ allegedly extensive background in the field of medicine. Twitter users found it laughable that Edmonds would use her brief career in medical equipment sales to position herself as the ultimate authority on cancer.

In Edmonds’ defense, she is correct that Judge knows the absolute least out of the entire group about cancer. That being said, there’s no need for the reality star to try to make herself sound like some kind of medical expert. She knows enough about cancer to realize that something fishy is going on with Ayers, but that’s where her investigation should have ended. Without Edmonds’ prying and claims of medical expertise, there’s no way the show would still be focused on whether or not Ayers has cancer.

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