Ladies of London: 5 Reasons to love Juliet Angus

Ladies of London‘s Juliet Angus has always been a controversial character. She’s known for her sharp tongue and her unapologetic demeanor, but while fans of the show have often dismissed and maligned her, there are many reasons not to write her off.

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Juliet red skirt

1. She’s super real

Juliet is feisty and spunky; and a brief trip through her Instagram feed reveals someone who’s definitely not interested in curating her image so it seems like she doesn’t have a personality.

2. She’s career-focused and she’s killing it

Juliet’s worked in fashion since graduating college — for the Style network, as well as owning her own boutique — and now she’s making her mark on London as a stylist, which you can see at her website, In an interview with Refinery 29, she said she had more fashion and beauty projects on the way and that she feels like her career “has just begun.”

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3. She’s crazy about her family

Truman and Georgina, Juliet’s kids, are tiny, adorable stars in their own right, and she loves to let her fans know that she’s thrilled to be their mom.

4. She’s up-front about her beliefs

If you watched the first season of Ladies of London, you probably remember the fateful visit to Mapperton and Juliet’s horror when she learned dinner was venison with no vegetarian option. Refusing to eat it, she switched her meat for vegetables with the other guests, causing some controversy. She also openly supported #StopYulin2015, the campaign to stop China’s dog-eating festival, and celebrated when gay marriage was made legal.

5. When she does something, she really does it

Say what you will about Juliet, but when she commits, she fully commits, whether it’s her career, her family, dressing up for a costume party or going on vacation.


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How do you feel about Juliet? Do you love her? Hate her? Who’s your favorite LOL cast member this season?


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