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Azealia Banks offends LGBTQ community with KKK comparison

Azealia Banks, can you please go a week without getting into a Twitter battle with the world?

That being said, let’s talk about her latest Twitter rant that has left my head spinning. In a now-deleted tweet, Banks appeared to have compared the LGBT community to a hate group.

She said, “LGBT community (GGGG) are like the gay white KKK’s. Get them some pink hoods and unicorns and let them rally down rodeo drive (sic).”

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Of course, even though I have no idea what the “GGGG” means (and if you do, please enlighten me because Google was no help), I do, however, understand that she is comparing a marginalized group of individuals who have been fighting for civil rights in our society (and still are) for decades to the hate group best known for lynching black people and burning churches.

Almost immediately after posting, followers began expressing how offended they rightfully were by her words. To which she replied, “Toughen up.”
She followed that up with a plethora of tweets discussing how offended people always so easily get, saying, “I’m not a weak bitch, being called a dyke or a n**** does absolutely nothing to move me.”
Banks claims she is part of the LGBT community, having mentioned before that she is bisexual, her brother is transgender and that “all her employees are gay men.”

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It wasn’t so much the follow-up tweets talking about being easily offended that I disagree with, it is the initial tweet. I understand shocking people to get their attention and, certainly, making a comparison between the KKK and the LGBT community was sure to spark a fire under some people, but her comments about being so easily moved are pretty spot-on if you take a step back and objectively think about them.

Maybe if she were able to articulate those words better, people wouldn’t spend time being mad at her, as she suggests.

It would be more helpful if she tried to be part of the solution rather than being mad at people when they react to her being purposefully shocking.

But then again, we’ve seen this before: She says something offensive and then comes back and blames everyone else.

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