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Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale’s divorce reportedly takes an ugly turn

The split between Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale has gone from bad to worse — and it’s all over cold, hard cash.

When the couple announced their divorce, rumors started circulating that the couple’s nanny had something to do with it. That was never confirmed or denied, but what is true is that they do not appear to have a prenup — and Stefani is learning the hard way what a terrible idea that was.

Stefani is worth an estimated $120 million, including her song catalog, fashion line and paycheck from The Voice. Rossdale, the lead singer of British rock band Bush, has a fortune totaling just $20 million.

“Gavin is now demanding more than half of her fortune,” an insider told Radar Online. “He has complained that while Gwen was launching her successful clothing line, continuing her music career, and expanding her brand by appearing as a judge on The Voice, he stayed home with their sons.

“Gavin is even threatening to go to trial if he isn’t given a chunk of Gwen’s fortune. And he will ask for child and spousal support as well.”

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Pretty ballsy behavior from someone who is blatantly living a life of leisure. “All Gavin does is play tennis and hang out with their former nanny,” the source said. Yes, that nanny.

“Gwen is furious because at the outset of the divorce, Gavin said he wouldn’t go after her money,” the source continued. “She is just kicking herself for not getting a prenup.”

But don’t think the blonde bombshell will give in just to save a court battle. “Gwen isn’t just going to hand over a huge check to Gavin… she has worked very hard for her money and won’t go down without a fight!”

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