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Man Crush Monday: Exclusive Q&A with Faking It‘s Michael J. Willett

With all of the projects the very talented Michael J. Willett has going on right now, the guy is obviously super busy.

Between shooting scenes for the MTV hit show Faking It, expanding his film career and working on his music, Willett’s schedule has got to be super packed, but he still made time to get candid with SheKnows about his life and what’s important to him.

He answered all of our burning questions about his amazing personal style and what he looks for in a relationship, and opened up about how art can change the world.

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And did we mention he also dangled an epic Faking It three-way teaser?

Get to know the super-hot Willett and find out why he’s our Man Crush Monday.

SheKnows: A lot of people know you from your work on Faking It, United States of Tara and G.B.F., but you’re also an accomplished musician. Tell us about your music and what it means to you.

Michael J. Willett: My music is my personal expression, whereas my acting is a way for me to explore other characters. The music I’ve been working on is inspired by classic rock and glam rock, and it’s about my personal evolution.

SK: What was high school like for you? Were you studious? Involved with any clubs?

MW: I was much more of an introvert. I hung out with all the goth and punk kids in cinematography class. I never understood what made the popular kids so popular.

SK: What’s your commitment style? What do you look for in a relationship?

MW: I want to be with someone I can grow with. I don’t want someone who’s set in their ways. I want to be able to change with them and become better people together.

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SK: We love your red carpet style and that you’re willing to take some chances. What’s your process when narrowing down your fashion choices?

MW: I guess it depends on whatever phase I’m in. Lately I’ve been in the phase of having really colorful and bold prints. My main [criterion] is looking different. I don’t want to look like everyone else. Gwen Stefani and David Bowie are my style icons.

SK: Do you have any causes or charities that are close to your heart that you stay active with?

MW: Yes. Several. One is called K-9 Companions, and that is an organization that supports terminally ill patients by giving them dogs as a way to uplift them. Also AIDS/LifeCycle, which is an organization to raise awareness by cycling from San Francisco to LA.

SK: What do you do to stay in shape, and what’s your philosophy when it comes to health/wellness?

MW: I’m not a person who does a lot of sports, so I feel it’s important to exercise three to five days a week. I like to go to the gym and walk my dog, Little Dude.

SK: Tell us about Little Dude. What’s the story about how he came into your life? Do you have any other pets?

MW: I rescued Little Dude from the Burbank Animal Shelter three years ago. I had been watching a lot of Cesar Millan and felt like I was ready to take on the challenge. I’ve definitely helped to increase his confidence, because when I got him he was so scared of everything. I also have a fish named Frederico, or Freddie for short.

SK: There are some very touching comments on your social media from young fans who are struggling with being themselves and whose lives have been touched by Faking It. Have you had any personal experiences with fans reaching out to you, and how does it make you feel to know you are helping a younger generation?

MW: I feel grateful. I feel art has the ability to be powerful and change the world. And it means a lot to me when kids say they are connecting with me and our show.

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SK: Any teasers of what’s to come in Season 2 of Faking It?

MW: There’s going to be another epic three-way and Shane will be involved.

SK: What’s a crazy thing about you not many people know about?

MW: I’m a closet puppet freak.

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