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Lisa Rinna has one important rule when she returns to RHOBH

Any The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan will tell you: Adding Lisa Rinna to the show was a good idea. Unlike other RHOBH newcomer Eileen Davidson, Rinna, who was already famous in her own right, brought mucho drama to the show. Rinna, unsurprisingly, is returning for another season of Housewives, but apparently it’s not coming without a cost.

Recently, Rinna admitted that her husband Harry Hamlin didn’t want her doing the show at first. “I’ll divorce you,” he told his wife. After thinking about it, though, Hamlin came around, and his wife’s reality TV career was born. Now, though, according to reports, Hamlin isn’t so on board with another season of RHOBH. But, guess what? Rinna’s gonna do what Rinna’s gonna do.

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Last season, Kim Richards started the rumor that Hamlin cheated on Rinna. Well, she tried to. She never flat-out said the words, but after numerous altercations with Rinna, she alluded to it, despite there being no known truth to it. So, naturally, after that, Hamlin was eager for his wife to ditch the show out of fear that it would wreck their marriage. But, nope. Rinna’s not budging.

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A source told Radar Online, “Lisa told Harry in no uncertain terms that she is committed to doing the upcoming season because it was so good for her career.” (Rinna has a clothing line on QVC and is hoping to “expand her brand” through Housewives.)

Rinna also promised her husband that he wouldn’t be a topic of conversation on the show, saying that she wouldn’t even allow his name to be brought up by any of her castmates. Hamlin reportedly isn’t pleased with the fact that Rinna is going in for another season, but, apparently, he’s not the kind of guy to give ultimatums.

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While it’s definitely a good call on Rinna’s behalf to avoid bringing her relationship up on the show, it is a little unsettling that she is going through with another season. As a fan, I’m happy she’ll be coming back — and, of course, she should be able to do what she wants to do (especially if it’s good for her business) — but why test things like that?

Hamlin and Rinna have been married for a long time, so I’m sure their relationship is a strong one, but, clearly last season wasn’t good for things. The rumors weren’t Rinna’s fault, but, as she said, they’re “out in the universe” now.

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In the history of television, I don’t think there’s ever been a couple who feels that going on a reality show has helped their relationship. Whether it’s because fame gets to one person’s head or rumors start coming out of the woodwork, there always seems to be something. Hopefully, Rinna knows what she’s doing here and the fact that her marriage won’t be brought up will weatherproof their relationship.

It will be interesting to see what Rinna’s role on the show is now that her archenemy Kim Richards is gone. She’s certainly not a wallflower, so clearly she’s going to bring some drama to the table, but what that is exactly is yet to be seen.

For her sake — and her family’s — hopefully Hamlin will have absolutely nothing to do with it.

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