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Teen Wolf star receives horrific online abuse from Zayn Malik fans (PHOTO)

Zayn Malik’s fans have taken things way too far with their online abuse of Teen Wolf star Gage Golightly — who played Erica Reyes on the series.

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The torrent of hate started after Malik took to Instagram to post a picture of himself embracing an unnamed blond woman. The former One Direction star didn’t caption the image, but fans assumed that the woman in the photo was Golightly, and they took to social media to bully her in the most horrific way, including telling her how much they hate her and referring to her as a “bitch.”

After a steady stream of hate, the MTV series star took to Instagram to post a message informing Malik fans that she was not the woman in the picture.

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Fans have since taken to social media to apologize for their actions, with messages including: “Im sorryy [sic] i thought its [sic] was you,” “Really sorry for the fandom’s bad behavior,” “SORRY OMG. I understand we said so many hurtful things to you and I sincerely apologize,” and “Sorry ahahhahaha :).”

The behavior is bizarre and downright disgusting, and other people have called out Malik’s fans for their actions.

“All of you f***ing retards are like ‘sorry for calling you a slut!!!’, do you really think that will cover for how badly you behaved? Sometimes I’m so embarrassed of all you children, he can do whatever the f*** he wants. I’m a fan too but I would NEVER do what you idiots are doing. Cyberbullying is disgusting. Be ashamed,” mastnareman wrote.

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Another user, owl_nina, also told off those attacking Golightly. She wrote, “So everyone is now saying sorry only because they bashed the wrong girl? No one is really feeling ashamed of hating, insulting and calling names, they’re just going to do the very same thing to their next target. Man, I can’t believe kids these days are so full of hate. What’s wrong with your head?”

Yowzers. You clearly don’t want to get on the bad side of Malik’s fans.

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