Quantico: Strong female leads is just one of the reasons the premiere wowed us

Sep 28, 2015 at 10:21 a.m. ET
Image: Guy D'Alema/ABC

Quantico exploded onto primetime with a gripping premiere that featured sexy actors, tons of intrigue and some truly awesome female leads.

Quantico centers around eager young FBI recruits training to become special agents at the Quantico base in Virginia. While there are a number of fascinating young trainees vying to complete the program, one in particular sits at the center of the show — Alex Parrish, played by former Miss India and Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra.

The show began with a literal bang, kicking things off with the discovery of Parrish lying prone amidst the pile of rubble that used to be Grand Central Station in New York City. Parrish is soon led into an interrogation room where she learns that one of her fellow recruits is a suspect in the attack. But because we're dealing with a thriller here, we know it's not going to be that simple, and it's soon revealed that the prime suspect is her.

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What unfolds from there is part drama, part mystery and part action, told through flashbacks that feature Parrish's memories of the recruits' first couple of days of training — a convention that will no doubt continue as Parrish tries to make sense of the fallout from the terrorist blast.

If you were one of a handful of people not watching the Quantico premiere on Sunday night, there's a good chance you'll want to rectify that decision after hearing why we loved it.

Awesome female leads

Yasmine Al Massari in Quantico
Image: Guy D'Alema/ABC

Seeing women on-screen in strong leading roles is becoming more and more common, but it's still not an everyday occurrence. Quantico breaks the mold not only by featuring a strong female protagonist but by including multiple of strong roles for women.

Diverse cast


The show doesn't just feature women in leading roles — it features WOC in those leading roles. Did we mention that Parrish is played by a former Miss India? Chopra is absolutely commanding the screen in the role, but she's not alone. The Help's Aunjanue Ellis and Lebanese actress Yasmine Al Massri both have prominent, juicy roles.

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It's sexy

Jake McLaughlin in Quantico
Image: Guy D'Alema/ABC

Not to keep gushing over the cast, but it looks like the creators of Quantico took a page out of the Shonda Rhimes playbook when they cast the show because these are some seriously sexy FBI trainees. The premiere's vibe is very reminiscent of what I felt watching that first Grey's Anatomy episode — the show has way too many hot people working in a complex environment for me to forget that I'm watching someone's fantasy, but I don't care because everyone is so attractive that I can't wait to spend more time with them next Sunday night.

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Plenty of drama


The show is a suspenseful whodunit with lots of drama already! The pilot had sex, murder, terrorism and hot guys taking their shirts off — what's not to get excited about? On top of that, we know that every single one of the recruits has a secret, so untangling the web of intrigue and subterfuge that led Parrish to be accused of treason will no doubt be chock-full of even more drama. In short, the show will not get boring.

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It's current

Since the show is focused on the biggest attack on US soil since 9/11, it's safe to say we're dealing with a show that's going to do it's best to stay current, and it can only do that by drawing on current events to help shape the stories' arcs. Thankfully, we haven't suffered another attack of this magnitude since 9/11, but the show's relevance will help keep its audience engaged and coming back for more.

Who doesn't love a good mystery?

Although the show ties together elements of action, drama and suspense, at its heart, it's a good old-fashioned "whodunit?" The premiere spent the whole first episode setting us up to wonder which one of the recruits (or training staff — let's not discount the powers that be here) is the terrorist mastermind behind the Grand Central bombing. Of course, some people will spend their time trying to solve other mysteries....


Quantico airs on Sunday nights at 9/8c on ABC.